Clowns On Fire

Clowns On Fire was a mostly improvised and partially autobiographical look at the world of online dating and modern-day romantic relationships. Using academic studies, anecdotal evidence, and data gathered via his own survey of over one hundred people, Mike attempts to answer a question that people have asked themselves for centuries: “Why am I still single?”

While presenting the results of his comprehensive research into the topic to the audience, he is frequently interrupted by his fellow cast members; three deranged clowns who are determined to derail his slideshow and bring the focus of the evening back to Mike and his own insecurities.

The show was devised by Mike Ryan, Aoife Byrne, and the cast (Aaron O’Neill, Una O’Brien and Alex Herlihy) and was performed at the Granary theatre from September 20-23, 2017 as part of Ferocious Composure’s year long stint as Alumni Artist In Residence.

Poster design by Grace Coakley

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