Ferocious Composure was founded in 2016 by Mike Ryan, Cliadhna Dinneen, Niamh Kavanagh, and Phoebe Cotton as a theatre company with a focus on experimental practices in performance. The company line-up has evolved a few times over the years, and has included Sinead Crowley and Orla Kelly-Smith, whose contributions were integral to the company’s successes. At present the company is essentially dormant, and consists of just Mike, though Cliadhna, Niamh and Sinead have not officially handed in their notice.

This site now exists mainly as an archive of work, but also hosts an occasionally updated blog, a bio for it’s last survivor, and a few other creative projects tangentially related to the company’s original purpose.

As Mike’s own work continues to change and evolve, he hopes that a new Ferocious Composure will one day rise from the ashes of the original, and continue in its aspirations to seek out new and innovative approaches to devising, creating, and performing work. Until that day it will simply remain, poised and ready for action whenever the right moment, or people, arrive.

Ferocious Composure is dead, long live Ferocious Composure.


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