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When Talent Comes Out In The Wash

First published in UCC’s annual magazine ‘Independent Thinking’ in 2016, which can be read in its original format here: Cónal Creedon Interview, Original. Cork novelist, playwright and documentary maker Cónal Creedon, has been appointed as UCC/Arts Council Writer in Residence at UCC for the current academic year. He tells Mike Ryan about what has inspired his career […]


Illusory Profit Margins – A Poem About Ghosts and Capitalism.

A Premium Haunting Dan and Mary bought a haunted house.Not really haunted, just haunted enough.Enough that they could make some easy cashby opening a haunted B&B. They cleared out the Victorian pantry,and gutted the eerie children’s play room.They rigged the place with automated ghosts,and upped their nightly rate 90%. Dan accidentally hung himself while hanging […]

Obituary Generator

I’ve started writing obituaries for fun in my spare time. It’s almost Halloween in this, the year of the ongoing difficulty. Does the above statement really shock you? I’ve become a little bit obsessed with their form and language. How do you even begin to conceive a form aimed at summing up somebody’s life, let […]

Time Immomentum

Despite being busier than I’ve ever been creatively, I recently realised that I haven’t had a completed piece of work staged in almost 3 years. It’s somewhat cathartic to admit that rather than ignore it as I have been, but I’m still worried. At what point do I stop being allowed to refer to myself […]